What if...we have bills to pay with little amount of salary?
What to do when you're paid peanuts and you have bills to pay

We look forward to the end of the month - that is the time we receive our salary!
What if...we have bills to pay and we don't have enough money because we're paid peanuts for our job?
With that said, it's tricky to keep savings under control but fret not, we got this!

Here are the steps!

1. Figure out needs and wants
Write down your current needs and also, your current wants on a paper. This helps to determine where the money will be spent on the particular month.

Also, it helps to prioritize expenditure.
Determine how much does it take to spend on each items on the note.
2. Decide on how much to spend in a week
Put aside amounts needed for the week; be it meals, transportation or groceries.

Prioritise your necessities before spending on unnecessary items such as expensive meals, leisure and excessive shopping.
Put aside an amount to be carried forward, no matter how little it is. Say, if there is an extra need on the following week, there will be enough to cover the cost!
3. B.Y.O.T (Bring Your Own Tabung)!
As the Malay saying goes, sediakan payung sebelum hujan (prepare an umbrella before it rains), so, get ahead of the future when it comes to money!

Prepare a "tabung" (piggybank) or a mini-safebox for small notes, and deposit it back into bank accounts for big notes.
To make it profitable, invest in a unit trust such as ASB, ASN or any private mutual fund, which accepts big and small notes.
4. Withdraw cash, pay cash (unless cashless)
Always be intentional to withdraw money and keeping track of expenses. The amount withdrawn should be the amount to be used within the week.

If it exceeds in the week itself, compensate accordingly.

In the end, it's all about utilizing monthly wage
from your hard work.

The key is to spend below means, although to some, it might be difficult as monthly expenditures could go above means. However, when planning done right, it is possible!
Remember: Suffering may come in the night but joy comes in the morning! The future us will thank us for making a plan to save more.
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