What if...you have an annoying colleague?
Workplace is made of all kinds of people - unfortunately, it may involve an annoying colleague.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "annoying" as following:-

"causing vexation or irritation"

You want to be in your zone, focusing on your work at all times (unless you need to move around such as going for lunch, snacking or doing business in the washroom) but...with an annoying colleague, it is almost impossible.

Truth be told, an annoying colleague is toxic to anyone and ultimately, the entire workplace itself. However, you could not afford to act aggressively towards the person.

So, what should you do? Here are few steps to tackle the problem.

1. Keep a detailed record
Be meticulous! Pay attention to every gestures, words spoken and how are they affecting you and the other colleagues. It is highly encouraged to keep track of time and date when certain events occurred.

Hence, don't miss out on any details as they could be of use some day. Write down notes, record audio or turn on your laptop camera and record every footages discreetly.
When the time is right, lodge a complaint through right channels.
2. Be courteous but be prepared for the worse
As a famous proverb said, "answer not a fool according to his folly...", be patient and keep composure but get ready when your colleague runs amok and becomes confrontational.

Some colleagues hate to be called out for their behaviours although they would notice their mistakes. This can lead into a workplace chaos and if this occurs in a public space, it could harm the workplace's reputation.
Exercise wisdom. Conflict and impulsion should be last resorts in your dealing. Although some people are born with a strong character, however, showing such character is not a wise thing to do as this causes more harm than good to you.
3. Address the problem with diplomacy
Albert Einstein once said, "peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding". Instead of throwing tantrums, be diplomatic with your approach.

Engage with conversations. Analyse carefully and address the issues with stature. Ask appropriate questions to navigate you through your conversations and to help that colleague understands what having your own time means to you.

Here are some questions to ask:-

1) Is everything alright?
2) Are you up to something at the moment?
3) What brought you to this?
4) You seem to be free. Is there something else that you can do?
Some colleagues would want to seek attention of others. They could be lonely or under stressful moments at work. Hence, they choose to annoy someone and somehow, they choose to annoy you!
4. Make a report through right channels
If the situation persists even more, collect details (see point 1 on how to do it) and make report to the higher-ups and the HR department! The details you collected will benefit your report against the colleague's behavior.

Don't be afraid to lodge a complaint even if it means to lose all your reputation in your workplace. Know your rights and privileges as an employee and stay strong through the process. If you have not receive a feedback from your complaint, report to the Ministry of Human Resources (MOHE).
For more, log on to MOHE's enquiry page on where to source your complaint: https://www.mohr.gov.my/index.php/en/about-us/9-site-content/76-enquiries

Famous war general Sun Tzu once said, "the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting".

Their goal is to have you react to them. So, when you face an annoying colleague, make a game plan instead of fighting with empty hands.
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