Why typography matters?
Sales and marketing jobs can be very technical in approach. The jobs requires a good reading into statistics and analytics, and require strong interpersonal skills. The jobs seem to be for the chosen few. Hence, the jobs tend to sound complicated.
What if...the jobs are not as a complicated as you thought but instead, come with many great perks? Here are the perks!
1. Improves your communication skills
Communication is a presentation of messages that suits the recipient's method of decoding them. Which means, to speak to someone, you need to learn how to speak to them.
Being good at communication is attractive, especially when using strong vocabularies and structuring your sentences well. It shows how intelligent a person is.
Sales and marketing jobs are great platforms to build and harness communication skills. You get the power to either arouse or demote a person's interest. Above all, you develop confidence in meeting strangers and doing public speaking!
2. You learn and grow on the job!
Sales and marketing jobs are usually blind to qualifications. In fact, companies don't really require experiences (although it's a bonus). So, be yourself!
Don't be afraid of coming in with nothing for you will come out with plenty of great things on your plate! Instead, come in with an open mind and let the journey nurture you into a new person with greatness overload!
Sales and marketing jobs offer lessons that books alone could not cover. Hence, seize the opportunity to be part of sales and marketing industry!
3. Really good income (if you do great!)
Don't miss the chance to earn RM12k and more (plus commission). Each closed sales would bring in great incentives for you. Each successful campaigns that you're part of would bring great rewards to you.
Don't miss the chance to earn big income as you become great on the job.
The journey may be tough at first, however, with the perks of learning and the incentives that follow, you have nothing to fear.
The door is opened wide for you to be part of the sales and marketing industry. The path leads to a greater pursuit. You will grow and become supercalifragilisticexpealidocious (Google that!) as a person and of course, in your career.
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