Employer Tips - Use Data To Your Advantage
We believe that data analytics is the way forward. Those with mastery over it will be granted the ability to shape the future.

We bring that belief into our products and services. That fueled us to create the Employer Dashboard feature. The Employer Dashboard allows you to keep track of your job ads performance.

Here's a screenshot of how the Employer Dashboard looks like:
1. Here's how to interpret the graph.

a. Low view =
Job advertisement not attractive.
How to fix:
Avoid using flowery language / indicate salary

b. High view, low application =
Job description not informative / too lengthy / location issue.
How to fix:
Job description must be concise and informative, emphasizes on

c. High view, high application =
successful job advertisement / high engagement


Find out how many times your job has been shared through this dashboard. You can see how often your jobs are shared through Whatsapp, Line, and other social platforms.

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